Crazy female doctors make these boys feel so uncomfortable

It’s one thing to feel a tad bit nervous when you go to the doctor’s office, but it’s another to feel downright humiliated! These hunks are finding that when they visit these crazy female doctors for a CFNM exam, their bodies are showcased for anyone to see – including other poor hunks who came for a male medical exam! All kinds of degrading acts like having the boys pee in cups, jerk off their rods, probe their anuses and take rectal toys is making these honeys wish they never signed up for a clothed female naked male checkup!

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CFNM Medical Examination

CFNM Physical Exams

cfnm doctor exam cfnm cock exam

Young boy didn`t think that a physical examination of his body by a doctor would be so humiliating until he was asked to take off his clothes by his female doctor. Timmy is a shy guy, so to be asked to stand naked while the woman doctor performed her full body examination, was extremely humiliating and embarrassing for him! He kept silent most of the exam as the doctor started the physical. He was forced to do things such as pee in a cup and subjecting his asshole to the doctors every medical procedure that she wanted to perform on him!

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Male Medical Exam

male medical exam by female doctor

male rectal exam male penis exam

After having their group examination, the female doctors told them that they would each be examined individually now. “So what office will I be going into?”, the first boy asked. “Oh no, we`ll just do it right here”, they replied. This poor boy had to get his full examination right in front of all these other guys! It started simply enough with a check of his blood pressure. After that, his reflexes and eye sight were checked, as the other boys snickered at the sight in front of them. “What are you laughing about? You`re next!”, said the doctors. They really know how to put these boys in their place! “Let me check out your penis”, the doctor told him. It was so small that you could barely see it in her hands, and he was embarrassed by it! But what really made him blush on both sets of cheeks was when he bend over for a rectal examination. The ladies couldn`t even say rectal without laughing a bit! He bent over and groaned while having his asshole spread for the whole room to see. He wasn`t just exposed though; he had his asshole spread open with a speculum, as the other boys cringed at that sight. “Now we just need a sperm sample from you.” “What?!?”, he replied. He couldn`t believe he had to stroke his cock in front of everyone, and cum while everyone was staring! Now the other boys know what to expect, and that makes it worse!

Male Medical Exam Video – Click Here

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Male Physical Exam by Female Doctor

Male Penis Exam
Male Medical Exam Male Rectal Exam

Adrian was ready for his physical, he was braver than the other boys and he wasn`t afraid of anything. He had seen what had taken place, and would deal with it. He knew what he had to do, and he just got to it and sat down for his physical. They got right to it and took his vital signs, including his blood pressure. Then they felt him up a bit and got his urine sample. Once that was completed they turned him around like the other boys and stuffed a finger up his tight ass. They took his rectal temperature and then used that rectal probe to stretch out his ass and have a look deep inside. The nurses then got him turned around and it was time t measure his cock soft and then hard, the length and then the girth. Once those nasty nurses got all the measurements they needed they told him they needed a sperm sample as well. Unlike the other hotties this boy didn`t mind grabbing his meat stick and jerking and stroking it while everyone watched. In fact, it turned him on knowing that everyone was watching as he busted a nut right there in the Dr`s office. He looked each of his fellow classmates in the face, eye to eye and he stroked his meat and grinned. He moaned loudly as he felt his great cum ball beginning to work its way out of his ballsack and into the waiting cup.

Male Physical Exam Video – Click Here

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